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Our Mission

Studying is expensive, we know this because we’re students ourselves. We want to help you find a student room. Free of charge. We won’t ask you to subscribe to a plan that costs you €35 a month to be able to respond to student rooms. The only thing we ask is to register an account on our website, so you can respond to all of the student rooms that are put up for rent. Found an awesome student room? Great! Get in contact with the landlord to schedule a viewing, and if the accommodation fits your requirements, then it’s time to move in and use the the money you’ve saved on a great house warming (or furniture of course).

We are your digital space to find a living place. We want to make it easier for students and landlords to get in contact with each other. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. Our goal is to become the platform you’re thinking of when it comes to student housing.

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History of Studentrooms

The idea for Studentrooms started as an idea back in 2013 when Mark was studying International Business and Management at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. This is a very popular course for people from all over the world, which meant there were a lot of cultural differences between the students, but there was one thing in common: they all found it hard to find a student room in Groningen.

Most websites that offered rooms were specifically targeted at Dutch audience and this led to Dutch students helping foreign students finding a student room for a small financial compensation. This is where the idea of was born. Mark thought interational students should be able to find a room with the same ease and for the same price as Dutch students could find them.

The first version of Studentrooms launched around january 2014, but Mark felt he was lacking experience in web development and design, so Studentrooms was on hold until Mark felt he had sufficient experience to develop the website. With Studentrooms always in the back of his head, he started working as an online graphic designer to gain the experience he needed.

In March 2018 Mark felt he gathered enough experience and started developing the website for Studentrooms. During this time, Willard joined the team as head of public relations. This allows Mark to focus on the platform, while Willard focuses on the human aspect of Studentrooms.

The Team

Mark Pelder

Mark Pelder
Head of Marketing

Prior to founding Studentrooms, Mark worked as a graphic- and UX designer for a small marketing company in Groningen. His passion is optimizing and organizing. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small like a stack of paper, or something big like an entire website. If there’s something that can be improved, he will probably have thought of a solution already. This is why he founded Studentrooms. There is a problem with the student housing market in Groningen, so he came up with Studentrooms as an attempt to fix it.

Willard Berends

Willard Berends
Head of Public Relations

Being a student himself, when Mark told Willard about the concept of Studentrooms and the idea to help students finding a living place, he was immediately sold. Willard has a lot of sales experience, so him being sold on a project means that it’s really something good. Willard is the face of the company when it comes to PR because he’s very good in human interaction. He also has experience in acquisition, so when you’re a landlord and you have any questions regarding Studentrooms, you’ll most likely get in touch with Willard.

In the end it’s not about us, but it’s all about you

We started Studentrooms because we were unhappy with the state of the housing market in Groningen. And we’re trying to fix it. The team behind Studentrooms wants you to find a student room without having to pay a single Euro. We also don’t want you to get scammed or screwed over, so please let us know when you run into any trouble. We’re here for you.

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