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We care about students

As a student you have a busy schedule: you have to study (of course), but you also have to attend awesome parties with friends and classmates, maybe workout to keep yourself in shape after all these parties, and maybe you have a side job to finance all this. Oh right, you also need to find a new place to live.

Finding student accommodation can be hard, especially in a city you don’t know well. Where do you start? There are companies that are willing to help you out, but that comes at a cost.

We don’t like that. Students don’t have a lot of money and why shouldn’t you be able to find a student room for free? Well, you can now. Studentrooms is a platform where you can find a home anywhere in the world for free.

We don’t charge you anything to get in contact with landlords and you won’t have to pay a commission when you found a student room to live in. In short: Studentrooms is free. So feel free to respond to as many student accommodations as you want, and then when you find your perfect room, spend the money you saved on an awesome housewarming with your friends.

Hard to find student accommodation? Here's how we help

We want to help you find a student room. Free of charge. We won’t ask you to subscribe to a plan that costs you €35 a month to be able to respond to student rooms. Why not? Because studying is expensive. The only thing we’re asking you is to register an account on our website, so you can respond to all of the student rooms that are put up for rent. Found an awesome student room? Great! Get in contact with the landlord to schedule a viewing, and if the accommodation fits your requirements, then it’s time to move in and use the the money you’ve saved on a great house warming party! Or on furniture, of course.

Save money by using Studentrooms
Free to use
We’re not charging you for registering an account or contacting landlords.
Studentrooms is worldwide
World Wide
We don't see borders. Want to live in London, Paris, or Tokyo? We got you covered!
You can send messages on Studentrooms
Easy to get in touch
Found a student room that you like? Great! Send the landlord a message and tell him you're interested.

Help out students by listing your property with us

How it works

Studentrooms is worldwide

Look for a student room in the city you wish to study in

You just have to follow two steps to find your ideal student room. The first step is to find out where you’re going to study and the second step is to look for available student accommodations in that city on our website. It’s really that easy. For example: you want to study in the beautiful city of Groningen and you’re looking for a student room in the city center. In the search bar you choose ‘student room’ as the type of accommodation you’re looking for and then you type in ‘Groningen’ in the search bar. You will then be shown a map with all student rooms that are available in the city of Groningen. Because of the map you can easily see where the student rooms are located, so you just have to pick the one you like most in the city center.

Schedule a viewing with the landlord

You’ve found your ideal student room in the city center of Groningen and you want to move in as soon as possible. Then it’s time to let the landlord know that you’re interested. Send them a message and ask them to schedule a viewing. You can find the contact form on the right side of the property you’re interested in. Tip: it’s strongly advised to view an accommodation before signing and paying anything. It’s smart to visit the city at least once before you’re going to move there to see if the room actually exists, but also to see if it matches your expectations.
You can send messages on Studentrooms

Time to get moving!

The student room was even better than shown on the pictures and you’ve signed the rental agreement. You’ve received the key and you’re ready to start your adventure in a new city. Congratulations with your new home! Time to pack your stuff and to invite your friends for an awesome housewarming, because with the money you’ve saved by using Studentrooms to find your student room, you can throw a great party!

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