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Studentrooms fights for the interests of students and landlords

Studentrooms wants to fight for the interests of students. We believe studying is expensive and should be cheaper. That’s why we want to help students find a living place for free in the city they want to follow a study in. For example: are you a student that’s living in London, but want to study in Groningen, but you have no idea how to find a student room over there? That’s exactly the problem we try to solve. Even if you want to study in New York or Tokyo, we will be there to help you find student accommodation for free. We want to become your digital space to find a living place. The one website where you use to find student accommodation all over the world.

We’ve said it before, but we don’t charge any costs to the student or the landlord. This means that everyone can advertise their student accommodation on our platform for free. It doesn’t matter how many properties you own, big or small, everyone is welcome at Studentrooms to advertise their properties.

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Cool, but Facebook and my own website are free of charge as well and do what they have to do, so why would I use your platform to list my student accommodation?

Your own website is a fantastic medium to advertise your listings. Visitors can see directly who they are about to do business with and what they can expect. We strongly advise you to keep using your own website to advertise your listings.

A disadvantage of using your own website is that not everyone can find your website. Imagine you have a listing for rent in Berlin and an Italian exchange student wants to rent your student accommodation. He doesn’t know any German and he won’t know how to find your website. That doesn’t mean your website is bad, but it means it’s not focussed on a worldwide audience. You can fix this by paying lots of money to translation agencies to translate your website, or by paying Google a large sum of money to promote your website in Italy, but this doesn’t guarantee you will reach these tenants.

Another method of reaching a more diverse group of students is by advertising on Facebook groups and pages. A disadvantage of this is that groups and pages are usually restricted to specific cities, so you will miss a lot of potential target audience again. There’s also no way to filter the accommodations, so it’s more of a lucky shot. If you have properties in multiple cities, you’re going to have to advertise them in multiple groups, which costs a lot of time.

Besides that, Facebook will sell all your data to advertisers. It’s not very privacy friendly and we’re not sure if you should be willing to accept that. Lot’s of younger people are leaving Facebook because of privacy infringements, so again, you’re missing out on your target audience.

Studentrooms helps you fix these problems. We’re an online platform where you can list your student accommodation for free, just like you can on Facebook and your own website. We will help you reach a worldwide audience, so you won’t have to spend your money on ads or making your website multilingual. We’re also never going to sell your data to third parties, so your data is safe with us.

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An overview of the advantages of using Studentrooms

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  • Studentrooms is free to use
  • Studentrooms offers accommodations from all over the world
  • It’s easy to get in touch with landlords
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  • Your accommodation(s) are advertised to students all over the world
  • It’s easy to manage your accomodation(s)
  • Studentrooms is free to use
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How it works

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Look for a student room in the city you wish to study in

You just have to follow two steps to find your ideal student room. The first step is to find out where you’re going to study and the second step is to look for available student accommodations in that city on our website. It’s really that easy. For example: you want to study in the beautiful city of Groningen and you’re looking for a student room in the city center. In the search bar you choose ‘student room’ as the type of accommodation you’re looking for and then you type in ‘Groningen’ in the search bar. You will then be shown a map with all student rooms that are available in the city of Groningen. Because of the map you can easily see where the student rooms are located, so you just have to pick the one you like most in the city center.

Schedule a viewing with the landlord

You’ve found your ideal student room in the city center of Groningen and you want to move in as soon as possible. Then it’s time to let the landlord know that you’re interested. Send them a message and ask them to schedule a viewing. You can find the contact form on the right side of the property you’re interested in. Tip: it’s strongly advised to view an accommodation before signing and paying anything. It’s smart to visit the city at least once before you’re going to move there to see if the room actually exists, but also to see if it matches your expectations.

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Time to get moving!

The student room was even better than shown on the pictures and you’ve signed the rental agreement. You’ve received the key and you’re ready to start your adventure in a new city. Congratulations with your new home! Time to pack your stuff and to invite your friends for an awesome housewarming, because with the money you’ve saved by using Studentrooms to find your student room, you can throw a great party!

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