The advantages of using Studentrooms

Studentrooms cares about students and landlords

Studentrooms cares about the interests of students. We believe studying is expensive and should be cheaper. That’s why we want to help students find a living place for free in the city they want to follow a study in. For example: are you a student that’s living in London, but want to study in Groningen?

That’s great, but you have no idea how to find a student room over there? That’s exactly the problem we try to solve. Even if you want to study in New York or Tokyo, we will be there to help you find student accommodation for free. 

We want to become your digital space to find a living place. The one website where you use to find student accommodation all over the world. As a landlord this means you are getting a lot of exposure for your listings.

That means your room will be let out faster than when you’re using a local platform.

Currently we have a lot of visitors from the Netherlands and Great Britain, but we see increased traffic coming from the United States and China as well. So today is the right time to list your student room on!

We’ve said it before, but we don’t charge any costs to either the student or the landlord. This means that everyone can advertise their student accommodation on our platform for free. It doesn’t matter how many properties you own, or  how big or small they are. Everyone is welcome to list their properties on!

Hard to find student accommodation? Here's how we help

We want to help you find a student room. Free of charge. We won’t ask you to subscribe to a plan that costs you €35 a month to be able to respond to student rooms. Why not? Because studying is expensive. The only thing we’re asking you is to register an account on our website, so you can respond to all of the student rooms that are put up for rent. Found an awesome student room? Great! Get in contact with the landlord to schedule a viewing, and if the accommodation fits your requirements, then it’s time to move in and use the the money you’ve saved on a great house warming party! Or on furniture, of course.

Save money by using Studentrooms
Free to use
We’re not charging you for registering an account or contacting landlords.
Studentrooms is worldwide
World Wide
We don't see borders. Want to live in London, Paris, or Tokyo? We got you covered!
You can send messages on Studentrooms
Easy to get in touch
Found a student room that you like? Great! Send the landlord a message and tell him you're interested.

Why not list my properties on Facebook or my own website?

It’s smart to post your property on your own website. However, a disadvantage of using your own website might be that not everyone can find your website.

Imagine you have a listing for rent in Berlin and an Italian exchange student wants to rent your student accommodation. Your website is written in German, but the student doesn’t know any German and he won’t know how to find your website. That doesn’t mean your website is bad, but it means it’s not focussed on a worldwide audience. You can fix this by paying lots of money to translation agencies to translate your website, or by paying Google a large sum of money to promote your website in Italy, but this doesn’t guarantee you will reach these tenants.

Another method of reaching a more diverse group of students is by advertising on Facebook groups and pages. A disadvantage of this is that groups and pages are usually restricted to specific cities, so you will miss a lot of potential target audience again. There’s also no way to filter the accommodations, so it’s more of a lucky shot. If you have properties in multiple cities, you’re going to have to advertise them in multiple groups, which isn’t efficient and will costs a lot of time. Besides that, lots of younger people are leaving Facebook because of social media burnout and the fashion of decreasing screen time. focuses on being found by students and landlords, and the fact that you’re reading this, means that we’re onto something.

The advantages of using

We’re an online platform where you can list your student accommodation for free, just like you can on Facebook and your own website. We will help you reach a worldwide audience, so you won’t have to spend your money on ads or making your website multilingual. All in all it’s probably going to save you a lot of time and stress by listing your properties on Studentrooms. We’re also very approachable people, so if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. In short, the advantages for both students and landlords are:

Advantages for students

  • Studentrooms is free to use
  • Studentrooms offers accommodations from all over the world
  • It’s easy to get in touch with landlords

Advantages for landlords

  • Studentrooms is free to use
  • Your accommodation(s) are advertised to students all over the world
  • It’s easy to manage your accomodation(s)

We can't do this without your help

In order to help you out, we need you to help us out. How? Well, you can help us out by listing your property on our website. It works the same way as other platforms, except that we’re not a pay-to-use website. 

By listing your student room, studio, apartment or even house, you help out students all over the world. And think about it, we all love to help out other people. So please help us help other people by spreading the word about

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