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Are you searching for a rental house in Eindhoven? Studentrooms has you covered! We have student rooms, studio’s and apartments in Eindhoven. Select the type of house you’re looking for down below and browse the student rooms, studio’s and apartments we have to offer. It’s free to respond to all rental houses in Eindhoven that are listed on our platform, so don’t hesitate to contact a landlord to schedule a viewing.

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Studentrooms is an international platform where homeowners from over the entire world can offer their houses for rent. This means you can find a large amount of rental apartments, rental studios and rental student rooms in Eindhoven on our platform.

Studentrooms is free to use for both landlords and tenants. We charge no registration fees and allow you to contact your potential landlord in Eindhoven for free. This makes it easier for you to find a rental home in Eindhoven.

Studentrooms targets international students that want to study in Eindhoven. Are you not a student, but are you still interested in a rental house in Eindhoven that we offer on our website? That’s no problem. Feel free to respond to any property that you’re interested in.

You can also offer your home for rent. This guarantees that you help out students and other tenants that are looking for rental houses in Eindhoven. They won’t have to pay a subscribtion fee to use our platform. Your biggest advantages is that international students who are going to study in Eindhoven will also easily find your property. This results in finding a tenant faster than when using local oriented platforms.

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