Close up of a pepperoni pizza

Domino’s Pizza discount codes in the Netherlands

Students and Domino's pizza are a great combination. Their pizza's are tasty, but Domino's pizza's are even tastier when you can get a discount! We have a Domino's VIP-card and we'd love to share them with you, so if you're looking for a discount on Domino's pizza in the Netherlands, feel free to use code 28178 to get stack discount: 10% discount on 1 pizza, 20% on 2 pizza's and 30% discount on 3+ pizza's...

Glas met mojito en schijfjes limoen

5 Cocktail recipes to bring home pub nights

Do you miss those evenings in the pub? With these 5 cocktail recipes you can bring those pub evenings into your home! Moscow Mule This is a wonderfull fresh cocktail that you will especially enjoy in the sunny months of the year. Ingredients for the best Moscow Mule: 45 ml of vodka 1 can of ginger beer Half a lime A sprig of mint (optional) Ice cubes First, fill a cocktail glass...

Young couple moving in new house

The best checklist for moving out for the first time

Moving out is one of the highlights of your lift. You're finally getting a place for yourself where you don't have to abide by someone else's rules and where everything is going the way you want it to. Especially the first time you're moving out is a big change, because you have to take care of loads of things. Of course you'd have to decorate your student room, and we fully understand you don't have all...

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